Summer Education and Engagement for Data Science (SEEDS) Program

The SEEDS program offers:

  • A three-week immersion program for local high-school students, especially those from under- resourced schools and communities, to learn about data science and to apply skills through hands-on project-based learning tied to their experiences and interests;
  • A summer internship for undergraduate students in data-science related disciplines to teach and mentor high-school students. In the first part of the internship program, students will receive training on data analytics and visualization, project-based learning, and working with minors. In the second part of the program, students will lead workshops in data science and visualization, data ethics, data analytics, and coding to high-school mentees. 


Participating in the SEEDS internship is a great way to foster early community engagement in data science, an increasingly important subject for citizen education, and to prepare students for the future job market. It is also a great way for undergraduate students to develop skills in teaching, mentorship, and leadership.


  • Must be currently enrolled at Notre Dame or St. Mary’s as an undergraduate student in a data-science related discipline  
  • Passionate to make an impact through education and community engagement 


  • 8 weeks of internship opportunity to work with faculty, researchers and high-school students
  • On-campus housing 
  • Stipend ($8000/student): $4500 towards research efforts, $3500 to offset costs of housing and food. 
  • Opportunities to receive training on data science, teaching and mentoring


Please direct inquiries to Sugana Chawla, Education and Outreach Program Manager at the Lucy Family Institute for Data and Society (