Fanny Ye

Associate Director of Applied Analytics and Galassi Family Collegiate Professor in Computer Science and Engineering


238 Flanner Hall


Fanny Ye is currently the Galassi Family Collegiate Professor in Computer Science and Engineering and Associate Director of Applied Analytics in the Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society at the University of Notre Dame. Her research areas are AI/ML, Data Mining, Cybersecurity, and Public Health.

By harnessing large-scale, multi-source, multi-modality data, she and her group discover new research problems, tackle fundamental challenges in machine learning, and deploy the developed techniques into real-world applications in cybersecurity and public health with broader impacts. More specifically, they strive to advance knowledge and science in graph and multimodal learning, bridge AI/ML and cybersecurity concentrating on AI security, large-scale malware detection, and the study of the evolving underground ecosystem, and develop AI and data-driven techniques to combat the opioid crisis and infectious disease outbreaks. By working with her team, she has received nine Best Paper Awards in the premium venues, including the prestigious ACM CIKM 2021 Best Paper Award (Full Paper Track), the ACM CIKM 2021 Best Paper Runner-Up Award (Applied Paper Track), and the SIGKDD 2017 Best Paper Award and SIGKDD 2017 Best Student Paper Award (Applied Data Science Track).

Dr. Ye’s research has been significantly supported by multiple federal agencies including NSF and DoJ/NIJ. She also received the Innovation Award (2020-2021) and the Research Award (2019-2020) at CWRU, the MetroLab Innovation of the Month (2020), the NSF Career Award (2019), the IJCAI Early Career Spotlight (2019), the ICDM 2018 Outstanding Service Award, and the New Researcher of the Year Award (2016-2017) at WVU.