Lucy Training Workshop: Linear Regression in R

Presenter: Brian Fogarty

This workshop is designed as an introduction to linear regression in R.  Linear regression is considered the “backbone” of quantitative social science and provides the grounding and framework for understanding advanced regression models.

The topics covered during the workshop include:

  • Wrangling data in R
  • Model fit, statistical significance, and regression coefficient interpretation
  • Visualizations of regression coefficients
  • Testing OLS assumptions

The workshop is designed for individuals with experience using linear regression in other statistical software (e.g., Stata, SPSS) and want to learn how to run linear regression models in R. Further, it is assumed that individuals have a basic understanding of R. We will also be using R Markdown, but it is not critical for learning the material.

This workshop will be offered in-person in 246 Hesburgh Library. 

This workshop requires a minimum of 10 registrants.  Fewer than 10 registrants by the registration deadline will result in the workshop being cancelled. In the event of cancellation, registrants will be notified. 

More details about the workshop can be found here.

Please register here by January 29.