Love Data Week 2022 — Tips for Effective and Collaborative Research


Have you heard about open access and open data but are unsure where to start? How does one become an “open” researcher? Join us in learning about how you can work effectively and collaboratively in an open research environment.

Workshop Outcomes

  • Create an ORCID and/or Open Science Framework account
  • Understand the importance and benefits of research data management principles
  • Define the following terms: persistent identifier, open access repository, FAIR

Please bring a laptop.
Enter our ORCID raffle to win a mini gaming console! ORCID Lottery winners will be picked at the end of the workshop.

NOTE: In the event of inclement weather or pandemic effects precluding our ability to convene on campus, this workshop will take place via livestream. Livestream links are automatically emailed to registrants 1 hour before sessions begin.

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