The Lucy Family Institute to amplify translational research with 2024 research theme

2024 Lucy Annual Theme: Data STARS

The Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society has announced its 2024 research theme: “Data Stories of Translational Advances in Research for Society (STARS).” 

Each year, the Institute selects a theme to inspire innovative research projects that work toward addressing societal challenges with data-driven approaches and interdisciplinary collaboration. 

The Data STARS theme will highlight translational work by amplifying research that addresses complex social problems through co-design and co-creation with industry, community organizations, and other multi-sector partnerships. 

The theme reinforces the University of Notre Dame’s commitment to use data science to address the profound questions faced by humanity.

The institute recognizes that significant resources are required to facilitate impactful dialogues and build new partnerships. The Institute invites researchers to apply for Data STARS grants that can be used towards organizing interdisciplinary convening events, on-campus workshops or conferences, and other transdisciplinary endeavors at the intersection of data science and society. 

In 2023, The Lucy Family Institute supported projects within the theme  “Advances in Data for Health Equity Research and Education (ADHERE).” The theme served as a culmination of several years of work to address healthcare disparities through national and international health research collaborations.

“The 2024 theme, Data STARS, is an exciting opportunity to tell stories of impact crafted through convergence and translational research,” says Nitesh Chawla, founding director of the Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society and Frank M. Freimann Professor of Computer Science and Engineering. “We look forward to collaborating on projects or programs that are aligned with the Data STARS research theme.”  

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About the Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society

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