April 1: Using HDF5 and HSDS for Open Science Research at Scale seminar

HDF5 usage Lucy event poster
Lucy Using Hdf5 And Hsds For Open Science Research At Scale

The Lucy Family Institute and the National Science Foundation will be virtually hosting John Readey and Eli Draizen via Zoom for a seminar talk entitled, “Using HDF5 and HSDS for Open Science Research at Scale”.

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This session will provide a brief overview of the HDF5 file format, data model, and API with a focus on how it can used for the collection and analysis of environmental data. We will also discuss HSDS (Highly Scalable Data Service), a web service designed for working with HDF data. HSDS enables data to be accessed by multiple readers and writers and provides the ability to scale to very large data collections. For the conclusion, an example of HDF5 and HSDS usage for large-scale (open) data analytics will be provided.


John Readey has been a Senior Engineer at The HDF Group since he joined in June 2014.  His interests include web services related to HDF, applications that support the use of HDF and data visualization. Prior to joining The HDF Group, John worked at Amazon.com from 2006-2014 where he developed service-based systems for eCommerce and AWS. John graduated from Ohio State University with Master degrees in Mathematics and Computer Science.

Eli Draizen is a PhD Candidate in Phil Bourne’s lab for bioinformatics at the School of Data Science, University of Virginia. He is interested in combining molecular biology and machine learning to understand protein evolution and host-pathogen interactions.


National Science Foundation, grant #2022639
Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society


Luis Felipe R. Murillo (ND) and Howard Epstein (UVA)