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The Health Equity Data Forum brings together leaders from industry, government, and community organizations, alongside Notre Dame’s leadership, faculty, and staff. The event serves as a catalyst for stimulating meaningful conversations and fostering collaboration in the fields of health equity, data science, and artificial intelligence. The participants in this diverse group encompass health payers, providers, retailers, pharmacies, pharmaceutical companies, government agencies, community health organizations, and universities, all with a shared focus on addressing health equity challenges through thought-provoking discussions, research development, and focused population health initiatives.

Forum Pillars

The Forum is guided by four health equity pillars selected during the inaugural event:

  1. Precision Social Determinants of Health
  2. Health Equity Data Index
  3. Beyond Human Resources – the health and well-being of communities
  4. The Health Workforce of the Future

Key Activities

The Forum’s signature activities through which numerous projects have emerged, driven by both business entities and multidisciplinary experts.

  • Panel Discussions: Engaging discussions on pertinent health equity topics.
  • Research Spotlight: An opportunity for researchers to present their ongoing research and findings.
  • Working Groups: Interactive discussions that identify key topics, metrics, and partnerships.

Forum Events

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April 2024 Forum

HEDL Newsletter