Health Equity Data Lab Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I become an LFIDS Affiliate?

  • Individuals interested in becoming an Affiliate may self-nominate or be nominated by a current Affiliate and will then be appointed by the Director. If you would like to become an LFIDS affiliate, please fill out this affiliation form.

How do I know if I am already an LFIDS Affiliate?

Are all members of the proposing team required to be LFIDS Affiliates?

  • Yes. Please refer to the previous question if you are interested in becoming an Affiliate.

Can I apply if I am a staff member?

  • Yes, but proposals may require a faculty collaborator if the proposed work involves mentorship of graduate students or postdoctoral scholars.  Staff are encouraged to join proposing teams.

Are teams required to have pre-existing relationships with industry partners?

  • No, we will work to connect you with potential industry collaborators.

What is the scope of competitive proposals? Does my proposal need to address all questions within a given topic? 

  • It is expected that the proposals will address one or more of the topics in the RFP. The suggested questions within each topic are simply guides; you may develop your own questions or a combination of suggested questions.