Health Equity Data Lab (HEDL)

A word cloud in the shape of Notre Dame's Shamrock, with the largest words being "equity," "health," and "Lucy." Surrounding these main terms are other words like "determinants," "partners," "access," "data," "partnership," "education," "community," and "social." The words vary in size, indicating their relative prominence or significance. The design emphasizes themes related to health equity, partnerships, and the Lucy Family Institute's contributions.

Advancing health equity with data-driven approaches

The Health Equity Data Lab (HEDL), established under the Lucy Family Institute for Data & Society at the University of Notre Dame and generously supported by a gift from Accenture, collaborates with interdisciplinary researchers from academia and community partners to identify and address health inequities.

The primary goal of the Lab is to advance interdisciplinary research and translation in the fields of health equity, data science, and AI, identified through collaborative efforts. Additionally, the lab aims to develop a comprehensive framework for co-creation and co-innovation. This framework will address challenges related to health equity, especially at the intersection of medical and social care.

The Health Equity Data Lab recognizes the power of data in uncovering dominant narrative patterns and identifying gaps. It will take a data-driven, interdisciplinary approach to identify opportunities that will guide the prioritization of resource allocation. This approach will, support the Lab’s broader mission of promoting health and wellbeing in the communities.

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Meet The Program Director

Mary collaborates with the LFIDS leadership team and community partners to provide analytical insights that drive the lab’s strategic goal. She also supports the research agenda, advances the quality of deliverables, and identifies opportunities for expanding outreach. For more information on HEDL and how to become affiliated with the Lab, please contact Mary at