2023 Lucy Annual Celebration Dinner

Thursday, September 14th, 2023


Smith Ballroom, The Morris Inn
University of Notre Dame

Program Details

A downloadable version of the 2023 Lucy Annual Celebration Dinner program can be found here

The Lucy Societal Impact Awards

A full list of the 2023 Lucy Societal Impact Awardees can be found here.

Poster Presentations

Undergraduate and graduate students were invited to present posters which demonstrate their exciting interdisciplinary research. The poster titles and authors can be viewed below and the abstracts can be found here

Poster TitlePoster Author
‘FineSMILES’, an easy-to-use tool for the exhaustive generation of pre-screened purpose designed SMILES for candidate refrigerant molecules from pre-selected elements within design constraints: Towards the exhaustive and deterministic search for green refrigerants.Barnabas Agbodekhe, Edward J. Maginn
Age-related differences in EEG Oscillatory Subsequent Memory EffectsSeham Kafafi, Rachelle E. Pichot, Daniel J. Henreckson, Morgan Foley, Joshua D. Koen, Jessica D. Payne
Analyzing the Impact of Macromolecular Crowding on Protein AggregationIsabella Gimon
Automated Detection of Helpful Comments in Online UAV Discussion ForumsDoheon Han
Automatic Model Construction for Patient-Specific Aortic Flow Simulations Using Geometric Deep LearningPan Du
Dashboard Tool for Municipal Infrastructure Decisions that are Perceived as Socially Equitable by the Communities they Serve.Yuying Duan, Michael Lemmon
Class-Aware Contrastive Optimization for Imbalanced Text ClassificationGrigorii Khvatskii, Nuno Moniz, Nitesh Chawla
Collaboration and Social Ethics in the MetaverseKara Clouse, Danny Tong, Kara Clouse, Dylan Sellars, Sophonie Alcindor, Michael Bsales, Diego Gomez-Zara , Arnaud Zimmern
Data Analysis in Mass Spectrometry ProteomicsSimon Weaver
Data Stories of Low- and Middle-Income Communities: Health Outcomes in South Bend and MexicoElizabeth Bourassa, Joyce Fu, Catherine Schafer, Adam Toland
Differentially Private Outcome Weighted LearningSpencer Giddens
Fairness-aware Mixture of Experts with Interpretability BudgetsJoe Germino, Nuno Moniz, Nitesh Chawla
FakeEdge: Alleviate Dataset Shift in Link PredictionKaiwen Dong, Yijun Tian, Zhichun Guo, Yang Yang, Nitesh Chawla
Heterogeneous Graph Masked AutoencodersYijun Tian
Hierarchical LoG Neural Network for Enhanced Aortic SegmentationDelin An
Human Creativity in the Age of AI Co-Authorship: A Cognitive Process of Writing EvaluationRuyuan Wan, Simret Gebreegziabher, Toby Li, Karla Badillo-Urquiola
Leveraging Large Language Models for Comprehensive Evaluation in Dietary and Nutritional Food Product AssessmentsAnnalisa Szymanski
Modeling Body Composition via Symbolic RegressionJennifer Schnur, Nitesh V. Chawla
Networks are everywhere: Dynamic networks for protein structure classificationAydin Wells
Optimization and Uncertainty Quantification for Reactive SystemsKyla D. Jones, Alexander W. Dowling
Optimization of a machine learning based approach to characterize and quantify the stages of microtubule dynamic instabilitySayandeepa Raha, Jared P. Scripture, Changbo Zhu, Holly V. Goodson
Permutation test of Importance-Weighted Autoencoder for Factor AnalysisLingbo Tong, Zhiyong Zhang, Meng Jiang, Jun Li
Real-time Audits of AI Systems in HealthcareCatherine Pardi, Andrea Turner, Daniel Krill, Grace Bezold, Justine Hulbert
Student Racial Conceptualization: Understanding its Roots and Impacts within White Institutional SpacesMaura R. Kraemer
Supporting School Vitality in the Archdiocese of Chicago with Data-Driven Decision ToolsAlyssa Wilgenbusch, Alexandra Szukala, Ryan Wachter, Claire Hackl
The black box of populism: the relationship between leaders and supporters in Brazil and in the USAdriana Pilar Ferreira Albanus
The Challenge of Privacy in Assessment DataAva DeCroix, Ashley Armelin, Sarah Cullinan, Allison Skly
The Early Warning Signals For Epidemic Tipping PointsGrace Enright, Sarah Harman, Jack Lambert, Madeline Pooler
The Next Frontier: A Comparative Journey Through Large Language Models for Synthesis-Relevant Article DiscoveryAnna Sokol, Jaron Porciello, Nitesh Chawla
Towards understanding the impacts of Pontederia crassipes on Schistosoma mansoni prevalence in the context of Lake VictoriaMeghan Forstchen, Jason Rohr